Save space by turning your charger sideways so it fits in more places. Compatible with Apple MacBook and iPad chargers, Blockhead directs your cord downward along the wall at a more natural angle while keeping the charger flat against the wall instead of protruding out from it. It looks great and protects against cord stress! At just over 1 inch thin, you’ll be able to move your couch, chair or other furniture closer to the wall while keeping an Apple power cord wherever it is most needed. Blockhead is the perfect gift for anybody who loves Apple gadgets. They’re great for remote workers, travelers, college students, family members, best friends, and more!


  • A refined look: Free you charger to finally sit flat against the wall.
  • Space saver: At just over 1 inch, Blockhead allows your charger to fit behind just about anything.
  • Always ready: Positioned flat against the wall, your charger is a lot less likely to fall out.
  • Protect your cord: Blockheads directs your charge cord down along the wall to eliminate unnecessary cord wear and fraying.
  • Compatibility: Blockhead snaps on to all Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro chargers, as well as 10W, 12W, and 29W iPad chargers